Indulge in the delectable world of empanadas at Sabor a Mi Grill Tequila & Botanas. Our empanadas are the perfect blend of savory and satisfying, offering you a delightful taste of culinary perfection. Choose from a variety of mouthwatering options, including chicken, vegetables, or ground beef, and experience a symphony of flavors with each bite.

These handcrafted pastries are a true work of art. Our expert chefs have meticulously crafted each empanada to ensure a crispy, golden-brown crust that encapsulates the rich, flavorful fillings. Whether you're a meat enthusiast or prefer a vegetarian delight, our empanadas cater to all taste preferences.

At Sabor a Mi, we take pride in delivering an authentic and memorable dining experience. Our empanadas are prepared with the finest ingredients and a dash of love, ensuring that every bite is a journey through the vibrant culinary landscape of Mexico. So, why wait? Satisfy your cravings and embark on a culinary adventure with our empanadas today!


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